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                    HWJ600wire screen machine

                    HWJ600wedge wire screen welding machine

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                      HWJ600 Type wedge wire screen welding machine(wrap wire screen machine),also named johnson screen welding machine,is usually used in producing wedge wire screen cylinder,water well screen,the water tank ,slotted screen,wedge wire screen drum and so on. with screen media higher precision ,which is widely used in Water treatment, seawater desalination industry.

                      1 Diameter of wedge wire screen: Max 100mm, Min600mm,

                      2 Max. Length of filter Tube 6000mm

                      3 Rod and wire diameter

                      1.0mm to 1.5mm.

                      4 Material Carbon steel, stainless Steel

                      5 Mitsubishi Double –drive servo motor two set: 7Kw one set:5KW

                      6 Power of welding transformer 200KVA

                      7 Welding speed is adjustable according to the tube diameter Max. 35rpm,

                      8 Slot (adjustable) Min0.1mm, Max.16mm

                      9 Precision of slot +/- 0.03mm
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